Dubai is a great place to spend your holidays and see, interact with the multiple nationality people at the same place. Dubai is the right place to know the intense details about the traditions and culture of the Arabs.

The Dubai international airport is one of the busiest travel destination in the world. Almost 90% of the Dubai population are expats and Dubai is also known as melting pot of different nationalities and cultures. In Dubai make sure to Only use a taxi with a meter because it will save from being ripped off by taxi drivers at the airport. For your electrical gadgets carry a universal adapter,Guest Posting the UAE has 3 pin sockets with 220V. In Dubai chewing gums, drinking or eating inside public transport is not prohibited. The crimes rates in Dubai are comparatively lower and make sure to follow lawfully enforced dress code. Weekends in Dubai are Friday and Saturday. The choices of bars and Pubs very limited in Dubai. Public fights, arguments or swearing is punishable in Dubai and you might be sent back to the country you came from.


If you are visiting Dubai in the month of Ramadan, you cannot eat in public places including hotel lobbies. Although you can eat in hotel room. Consuming or carrying drugs is not recommendable as it is punishable by law in Dubai. When you are planning a trip to Dubai to enjoy the variety of attractions and shopping options you get. You can take the advantage of the available Dubai holiday packages and get have a worry-free vacation. Use the best trip planner sites to make your journey more comfortable and well-panned.


It is a land of best manmade wonders and you can also find many places that is truly blessed by natural beauty. Many manmade wonders of the world and benchmarks of the architecture is present in the country. In terms of development Dubai is one of the leading cities. Do not forget to apply an SPF30 sunscreen while going out and carry hand clothing, hat, and goggles with you when you are travelling to Dubai. It is better to travel Dubai in the cooler months.


Dubai is a great place to learn about the Arabic win big prize uae cultures. Dubai is the right place to know the intense details about the traditions and culture of the Arabs.


There are ATMs in UAE that dispenses gold bars. The laws are predominantly more stringent for women as it is a Muslim country. So, remember that women should live by certain rules and should abide by certain regulations


If the adrenaline rush is what takes you to a destination, then Dubai will surely make a place in your list of must visit places. It has extreme sea adventures such as shark cage diving, jet skiing, fly boarding, and many water sports. Dubai has the best of sky adventures. It also has paragliding, skydiving and hot air balloon rides with skilled professionals. Dubai has the scenic beauty and it is awe-inspiring that enchants the users.


The hospitality in Dubai is immaculate and it is also well known all over the world for the same. that the treatment to their guests is world class. Dubai is the safest city in the world wand it had almost 0% crime rate. The capital city of Abu Dhabi is the 25th best city to live in the world.

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